Progetto Getting REDDy

Getting Reddy is an innovative pilot project.

Powered by Amazonia Onlus and Trentino Insieme Association, along with the Brazilian CoopXixuau, the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group and Muse - Science Museum of Trento, the project promotes the prevention of deforestation and the improvement of the living conditions of indigenous communities in Tanzania and in the Amazon.

The driving force of the initiative is the Autonomous Province of Trento which, inspired by the actions suggested by the Kyoto Protocol to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases, has set itself the goal of becoming a "Zero emission Province" and chose to make up a tenth of the annual CO2 emissions of the province through virtuous actions of reforestation and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD).

The project has chosen to adopt a common approach to the protection of forests and the reduction of global emissions in two very different socio-economic and environmental contexts: Brazil and Tanzania. The areas of intervention involve the local communities of the Xixuaú, in center-northern Amazon and in the villages of Kizi and Galigali, located in Rubeho Mountains, in south-central Tanzania.


Deforestation and global warming

The destruction of the world's forests is the second leading cause of global emissions of greenhouse gases. About 20% of emissions depends on the degradation of the forests of the inter-tropical belt, the most threatened biome in the world and the richest in carbon: in fact, the forest vegetation alone contains 15% of all terrestrial carbon. The constant deforestation and the deterioration of these huge carbon sinks release into the atmosphere millions of tons of carbon dioxide every year, increasing global warming and threatening the climate balance of the entire planet.


A tangible benefit

The REDD approach to the protection of ecosystems respects the traditional lifestyle of indigenous peoples and recognizes their role in the custody of the forests and their biodiversity by rewarding them with economic incentives and real opportunities for development.

REDD is currently put through its paces, for this reason the project is named Getting REDDy, which literally means Preparing for REDD.


Activities and results


Getting REDDy has acted in an integrated manner on the environment and native communities by implementing several successful activities in its first year of life, including:

Participatory Forest Management, for land use and natural resources planning
Development of sustainable economic activities
Education and awareness of future REDD mechanisms
Professional training courses on sustainable management techniques and protection of forests
Study visits in the Amazon and in Tanzania, to consolidate the South-South cooperation bridge and to promote the sharing of experiences between the different realities

Training of forest guards and supply of equipment for monitoring in the two countries
Start up of the Brazil Nut harvesting and sale activity, with the formation of 34 traditional gatherers
Improvement of agriculture in Tanzania, with the training of 37 farmers and adoption of modern beekeeping techniques by 40 beekeepers
Reduction in the number of families living in poverty
Strengthening local capacity for project management and administration


The Trentino-Amazon-Tanzania alliance is only at the beginning, to develop new activities and to identify new strategies for forest protection and support of its inhabitants, who have always been the guardians of this natural heritage, crucial to the future of the planet.



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