The Jauaperi area is only accessible by river. There are no scheduled boat services and only sporadic services from the mouth of the river down the Rio Negro to Manaus. As a consequence the area has historically been inaccessible. Whilst this remoteness has contributed to the area’s continued pristine environment, it has also hindered its social and economic development.

To address this situation Amazonia Onlus, in collaboration with Trentino Insieme Association and with the support of Trento Autonomous Province, realized the Project "A Future for the Amazon" and donated to the CoopXixuau a new big river boat that provides a means of transportation to and from Manaus, both to market local products and for the ecotourism project.
The project also has been able to purchase a smaller outboard-engine boat for the fast tours and above all for the health emergencies occurring to the natives of the Jauaperi. 
Within the reserve all everyday travel is by paddle canoe; outboard motors are only used to enter and leave the reserve.

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