Jauaperi RESEX

Amazônia Onlus has succesfully worked with the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment (ICMBio) to ensure that the Xixuaú region and a much greater area along both sides of the Jauaperi river was designated as an Extractivist Reserve (Resex). In the 5th of June of 2018 the Lower Rio Branco and Jauaperi Extrativist Reserve was created by Presidential Decree. 

This type of protected area guarantees local people the right to manage natural resources with the aims of improving their quality of life, generating income and giving them a permanent right to remain in their home area. The Jauaperi Resex will protect an area of 581,000 hectares of forest including a population of about 1,000 people. 

The campaign to encourage the approval of the Jauaperi Resex counted on many local partners such as WWF-Brazil, GTA (Amazon Workers' Group), FVA (Vitória Amazônica Foundation), CNS (the National Council of Rubber Tappers) ISA (the Socio-Environmental Institute).
The new protected area integrates an important corridor of conservation units and is a key area to tackle climate change.

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