The Cooperativa Mista Agroextrativista do Xixuaú – COOPXIXUAÚ was founded in October 2009 and it is based on the responsible use of the local natural resources and the development of low impact economic alternatives. Cooperative’s members are local people who aim at developing their association through the support of anyone who is interested in collaborating to create sustainable opportunities among the region of Jauaperi River.

Currently, CoopXixuaú runs the ecotourism program, offering expert guides, local transportation and all the necessary reception, lodging and regional cuisine services.

Other activities include production of local craft, which is made of seeds, fibres and natural materials, and the commercialization of Brazil nut.

In addition, the cooperative is developing projects that will enable Xixuaú to achieve significant objectives, promoting sustainable economic activities, professional training and investment in environmental conservation.

For instance, the project of Botanic Community, in collaboration with INPA (the National Amazon Research Institute), the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew (UK) and the government of Roraima, aims at promoting long-term conservation of biodiversity and other environmental services provided by the forest, training local people to use their own resources, teaching them to handle such resources properly and to identify new opportunities for income.

President: Raimundo Mendonça Horta

Managing Director: José Gama Da Silva

Chief Financial Officer: Aluisio Barroso Do Nascimento

Financial office: Elton Leite da Encarnação e Daniel Santos Marinho

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