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Evaluation of tissue that had been retrieved from the cement–bone interface of femoral components of total hip prostheses that were loose without associated infection revealed that a critical factor associated with bone resorption was the presence of particles that were small enough (1–12 m) to be phagocytized by macrophages purchase amantadine 100 mg amex. PMMA particles of less than in 12 m size can be phagocytized by macrophages buy amantadine 100mg on-line. When the mechanical failure of cement produces particles that are small enough to be phagocytized purchase amantadine 100mg otc, phagocytosis of the particles results in the increased production of tumor necrosis factor by the macrophages 100mg amantadine overnight delivery, which may in turn lead to bone resorption and prosthetic loosening cheap 100mg amantadine amex. Loosening of the cemented prostheses depends not only on the failure of the implant and/ or the bone cement, but also on the inflammatory response of the bone tissue against bone cement ingredients. The radiopaque additive barium sulfate was shown to increase the inflamma- tory response in the surrounding tissues after cemented arthroplasty. Increased inflammation was measured by leukocyte counts and levels of prostaglandin E2, tumor necrosis factor, and neutral metalloprotease. In comparison to pure PMMA, PMMA particles contain- ing ZrO2 cause a higher increase in bone resorption. But the particles containing BaSO4 were associated with 50% more bone resorption than those containing ZrO2. Local Temperature Increase One of the main side effects of bone cement application is the rise of the temperature at the bone–bone cement interface during the polymerization of MMA. In bone cement formulations the powder part of the bone cement is already prepolymerized PMMA particles, and this prevents the explosive polymerization reactions. Still the highly exothermic polymerization process of the MMA, with a total polymerization heat of 544 J g-1, causes an increase of the local tempera- ture. The maximal value of the curing temperature varies from 80 to 124 C depending on the ratio of MMA to PMMA, the composition of the solid and liquid components, the size of the polymer particles, the concentrations of BPO and DMPT, and the presence of transfer agents. Peak temperatures are about 25–30 higher than the threshold levels (50–60 C) and are considered a cause of thermal damage to tissues. It is reported that bone tissue degenerates when it is subjected to 47 C for a duration not less than 1 min. Particle size of PMMA powder is one important factor of the peak temperature, and as the particle size decreases, the surface-to-volume ratio increases. Therefore the amount of polymer dissolved in the monomer increases, leading to higher viscosity of the dough. The increase in viscosity leads the Trommsdorff effect to occur more vigorously, and the transfer of heat becomes difficult, causing an increase in the curing temperature. Higher amounts of either the initiator (BPO) or the accelerator (DMPT) increase the Recent Developments in Bone Cements 265 polymerization temperature and decrease the setting time. As the polymer/monomer ratio in- creases, both the polymerization temperature and the monomer release to the surrounding tissue decrease. This seems to be an advantage for temperature, but the increase in this ratio increases the viscosity of the dough so that workability and the penetration of bone cement into bone trabeculae become difficult. Therefore the optimal value of polymer/monomer ratio is given about 2:1 (w/v), and this ratio is used in most commercial bone cement formulations. In some cases bone cements with high setting temperatures may be desirable. Some sur- geons treat the giant cell tumors of bone tissue by using the technique of aggressive curettage through a large bone window followed by acrylic cement reconstruction. As the bone cement self-heats, the possibility of heat necrosis in the bone tissue exists. It was mentioned that the damage to the cells due to heat may be beneficial in reducing the rate of tumor recurrence. Release of Toxic Molecules As are most of the organic monomeric chemicals, MMA itself is also toxic to the bone tissue. Also release of MMA monomer from the dough structure into the circulating blood causes severe drop in blood pressure. This is caused by the direct chemical effect of MMA on blood vessels. In polymerization reactions, there is always a molecular weight distribution of the obtained polymer chains.

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The use of all other unnecessary drugs should also be suspended 1 week prior to the operation buy 100mg amantadine free shipping. Broad-spectrum antibiotics should be prescribed discount amantadine 100 mg line, such as ciprofloxacin 500 mg cheap 100mg amantadine with visa, 1 g/day for 5 days after the operation order 100mg amantadine otc. If necessary order amantadine 100mg on-line, an analgesic or a nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drug (diclofenac potassium) may also be prescribed. Exercise and sports should be interrupted at least for 2 weeks, but the patient must walk every day after the liposculpture (1 mile per day the first week after the second day); and also avoid sun exposure of treated areas for approximately 15 days. Care during immediate and late postoperative periods is very important. When lipo- plasty is finished, bimodal compression with absorbent pads is fundamental, because it contributes to the patient’s comfort and to a uniform skin and cellular subcutaneous tissue retraction. This is accompanied by adequate compression and a supporting binder. After 24 hours, the pads are removed and replaced by a supporting noncompressive binder (hence allowing lymphatic precollector functioning). In case of lower limb surgery, the patient should start wearing graduated compression stockings (15 mmHg) 1 week after the operation. Immediate physical therapy consists of manual lymphatic drainage, 1 and 3 MHz external ultrasound, and magnetotherapy for 1 week. Then, subdermal therapy and carboxytherapy are introduced or continued. SURGICAL TREATMENT B: VASERâ & 229 & POSTOPERATIVE SCHEME & Day 1: The patient is advised bed rest. Mobilization must be only with bimodal elasto- compression using absorbent pads and compression and supporting binder. Elastocompres- sion is applied using a light compression binder. The patient undergoes lymphatic drainage, external ultrasound 3 MHz, and magnetotherapy. In the event of hematoma formation, medical phlebotonics and specific local therapies are prescribed. The patient may shower with due precautions taken to protect the treated areas. Patients should be reminded that the best results may be observed only after some months (today we know that the first result will be at 4 months and the second at 14 months) (24). The foremost ethical principle of medicine is ‘‘primum non nocere’’—first, do no harm. In lipoplasty, this principle is paraphrased by the statement ‘‘excessive liposuction is unsafe and therefore unethical. Belardi Department of Nuclear Medicine, Privat Hospital Santa Chiara, Florence, Italy S. Mancini Surgery School, University of Siena, Siena, Italy & INTRODUCTION The dream of the aesthetic surgeon has always been body improvement, because aging cannot be prevented. But all their efforts result in scars, the unavoidable traces of the knife. Adipose tissue and its various compositions as well as distributions, represents the main structure producing the body silhouette. But in the past, surgical attempts to reduce or remove excess fat have been limited by scars. In September 1976, report of the first revolutionary operation that allowed the removal of fat while limiting trauma and scars was published: liposuction was born (25,26). This methodology underwent various evolutions (19,27–29), allowing it to be used for different pathologies (30–32) or for lymphedema, lipedema, or lipolymphedema (33,34). Localized adiposity means physiological or pathological accumulation of fat tissue in a specific body area. Lipodystrophy means a pathologic condition affecting the support- ing tissue as well as the subcutaneous adipose tissue, characterized by various circulatory and metabolic damages.

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Circulate Chi Power Continuously in the Orbit When you have completed the route point by point you are ready to continuously circulate the “chi” power in the Microcosmic Orbit cheap 100 mg amantadine otc. It is the steady flow of this warm energy current that offers the most powerful results in the self-healing process amantadine 100mg with amex. To do this generic amantadine 100 mg fast delivery, when you concentrate discount 100mg amantadine with mastercard, begin at the navel buy 100 mg amantadine visa. When you feel the power, bring it down to the Hui-yin, the coccyx. Then up into the spinal cord, stopping at the Ming-men and then going on to the pineal gland, on top of the head, where you concentrate for about ten minutes. After you feel the power flowing into the forehead, at the mid- brow region concentrate on the pituitary gland, (Yin-Tang) for an- other ten minutes. Concentrate here for a short while until you sense some energy and then bring it down to the Hui-Yin again. Then start the Microcosmic Orbit Small Heavenly Cycle around the trunk of your body, circulating it thirty six rounds, bring- ing the power to the coccyx and letting it flow up the spinal cord, to the Chi Chung or the mid-point of the adrenal glands. Count from one to ten repeatedly for one half hour for its calming, purifying and cleansing effect. When you are more ad- vanced all you need do is concentrate on the point. Then bring your attention up to your head and stop at the Niwan-Kung, the pineal gland where you can again count from 1-10 for resting, purifying and cleansing. This is one round of the Microcosmic Orbit and it is to be done thirty-six times. When you’re through, you must remember to collect the power mentally and circle the navel 3 to 36 times clockwise, and then 3 to24 times in a counter clock-wise direction. Final Goal is: Automatic Circulation of Chi Many have found that when they have completed the orbit and prac- ticed for a while that concentration on the navel causes the energy to flow through the Microcosmic Orbit instantly. They feel the power in the head (the crown), and the mideyebrow area, instantly upon feeling the navel get warm. This is because the energy flows as a complete stream. The tongue might feel warm or numb, as though from an electrical shock. The flow can actually be felt to descend down to the navel and go into the legs. A feeling of numbness may be experienced in the arms and legs, when the big circuit of the Microcosmic Orbit of the Large Heavenly Cycle has been com- pleted. Eventually the warm current will flow through your body auto- matically if you’re creating a positive, permanent habit of circulat- ing chi around the microcosmic orbit. Once your body/mind has internally absorbed the new pattern of chi flow, it will seek to main- tain the dynamic equilibrium and circulate the chi automatically. Your weeks or months of self-discipline will begin bearing the fruit of a lifetime of delightful good health. Concen- trating on the heart chakra, you may develop congestion and pain in the chest and heart area. Be assured, however, that though you may initially suffer some untoward effects, your continued practice will set you free of all such symptoms. However, it must be stressed that you keep your instructor alerted to whatever you might experi- ence so that he will be able to help you. Make sure to finish each session by returning the energy to the navel and circling it 3 to 36 times clockwise and 3 to 24 times counter clockwise for a man, and the reverse for a woman. The following centers can act as safety valves, thus helping to avoid side effects: 1 ) the navel can store energy, 2) the Ming-men on the back of the spine helps guide the energy downward, 3) the Wei-Chung (the back of the knee) can store up energy, 4) the Yung- Chuan in the feet acts as a grounding wire. The Hung Chaun en- ergy center can also be used as a safety valve to draw off energy that builds in the head. When too much energy surges up to the heart and seems to have no place to go, you can redirect it down- ward to the feet and then up to the navel. Cleansing Process: Belching and Diarrhea People who, develop belching and diarrhea during practice might think that it is due to something that they have eaten. When the power starts to flow, it acts as a cleans- ing and filtering agent for the body and the organs. After it is over you will feel very energetic and internally light and clean.

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