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If unable to complete daily notes on all patients cheap 500mg mildronate otc, prioritize medical patients over surgical patients buy 250 mg mildronate overnight delivery. The provision of specialized care for children with critical illness which may best be provided by concentrating these patients in areas under the supervision of skilled and specially trained team of physicians and nurses buy 500 mg mildronate with amex. She supervises the nursing and administrative staff of the unit and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the unit purchase 500 mg mildronate mastercard. If parents make a request to you that relates to nursing staffing discount 500 mg mildronate, please inform the charge nurse. An on-going program of education in pediatric intensive care nursing has been the responsibility of the nursing service. In addition, appropriate seminars discussing subjects of pertinence in pediatric intensive care have been and will continue to be organized with physician participation. The respiratory therapy staff are responsible for setting up and maintaining the ventilators, delivering respiratory treatments, and assisting with patient care that involves respiratory care (i. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is available to all pediatric patients regardless of the service primarily responsible for the child. Cardiology fellows should supervise the care of cardiac surgery and cardiology patients. Emergency medicine interns and anesthesia fellows should follow patients as the primary physician. Other visitors (surgical, dental, etc) may tailor their experience to their needs. Third year students will follow patients under the supervision of one of the pediatric residents, and will have greater supervision than do the rd subinterns. There are policies in place regarding triage of surgical and medical patients that are used when beds or nurses are scarce. These policies are necessary to insure optimum care for all children who require pediatric intensive care. The intensivist is the attending of record Medical patients transported in for outside institutions. If they are immediately post or pre-operative, the primary service is Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, with medical consultation. Pediatric residents are the primary residents for the pediatric cardiac surgery patients. The degree to which the surgical services manage the medical issues of their patients will depend on the service and the patient. The degree to which the surgical services manage the medical issues of their patients will depend on the service and the patient. They should be called for anything that is needed short of immediate resuscitation. If you use a pre-printed order and want to write more things, use regular order paper. There are also pre printed orders for sedation drips, muscle relaxant drips, cardiac patient ventilator weaning. If you are unfamiliar with them, ask the intensivist or the nurse to assist in using them. These will be completed by the intensivist or the pediatric resident with attending supervision. Draw blood gases, electrolytes and hematocrit, and send these to the lab for stat results. Institute cardio-pulmonary resuscitation with Ambu bag and external cardiac massage. If an anesthesiologist is needed emergently, the pediatric on call anesthesiology number should be paged. Confirmation of the availability of a ward bed as well as an accepting physician must be made prior to transfer. Emergency medicine interns are on call nd with the cross cover 2 year pediatric resident. Prerounding, including gathering information about events of the night, vitals with I/Os, labs, and examining the patient must be accomplished prior to rounds. If you are unable to pre round on all patients, do so on the most ill or acute patients so that decisions can be made on rounds. It is helpful if the post call person gives accurate, summative sign-out so that pre-rounding is not bogged down by trying to figure out what generally happened over night.

Herpes zoster represents as a reactivation of latent varicella (chicken pox) and may reflect a lower immunity order mildronate 250mg without a prescription. It is believed that the viruses responsible for the out break lies dormant inside nerve cells in the sensory ganglion of the spinal cord best 500 mg mildronate. Later purchase mildronate 250mg online, when the latent viruses are reactivated they travel by way of the peripheral nerves to the skin order 500mg mildronate visa. Clinical manifestation The eruption is generally preceded by pain buy discount mildronate 500 mg on line, which may radiate over the entire region supplied by the nerves. In some patients the pain is absent and in some patients itching and tenderness may occur over the area. The healing time varies between 7 and 26 days Herpes zoster in healthy adult is usually localized and benign, however, in immuno suppressed patient, the disease may be severe and the clinical course acutely disabling. Management and Nursing intervention The goal of treatment is to relieve the pain and reduce complication. Systemic corticosteroids given to patient over age of 50 to reduce the incidence and duration of complication. Clinical manifestation ¾ Usually there is no symptom but lesions are usually mutiple , raised hyper keratatie lesion on exposed areas. In immune-compromised patients the goal is probably even more modest, ie to control the size and number of lesions present. Cry therapy like liquid nitrogen – applied for 5-10 seconds every 2-4 weeks – scarring will occur if it is used incorrectly, or too aggressively. The plaster may be left on, for 5-6 days, for weeks or months, to eradicate the wart; the method is safe and effective with almost no side effects 3. Electrocautery may be used for excision of warts, however, this may result in a permanent painful scar on the foot 5. Retinoids Tretinoin (Retin – A) cream or gel applied topically twice daily may be effective for facial or beard area warts 0 b. Herpes simplex is caused by herpes viruses, which are clinically indistinguishable, known as herpes virus type 1 and herpes virus type 2. Herpes virus type 1 is mainly responsible for herpes labialis while type 2 is usually associated with genital herpes. Herpes simplex is may have recurrent infection and self limited attacks, by precipitated fevers, a viral infection, fatigue, menstruation and others triggering factors such as the sun and wind. It is, a major concern to health care providers and consumers because of the increasing prevalence of the disease, which is 400,000 to 500,000 new cases each year and it also can recur. Mode of transmission The disease will transmit sexually and asexually from a wet surface or by self- inoculation (i. Generally close human contact with secretions of the oropharynx mucosal surface, vagina and cervix seems necessary to acquire the infection of herpes simplex. Aseptic meningitis and other complication also include pyoderma, esophagitis, transplacental fetal infection, and keratitis. Management There is no curative treatment, so the aim of treatment is to reduce pain and to make patient comfort and decrease potential health risk. Pain, crusting and other symptoms can be shortened and healing can be hastened and also the treatment is effective in treating recurrence. Acyclovir ointment can be applied on the area of lesion Treatment does not cure the patient or prevent transmission of disease. Epidemiology Scabies can occurs in all economic strata of society in poor persons living under substandard and unhygienic condition, and those living in institutions including prisoners and soldiers and those with compromised or immature immune system but can occur in any person. Mode of transmission Scabies is contagious & spread from person to person by direct physical contact, including sexual contact. Clinical manifestation The main symptoms of scabies is itching during the night Classic signs of scabies are the following:- • The patient complains of severe itching caused by immunologic reaction to the mite or allergic reaction to the waste products produced by mite which burrows in the epidermis. The the classical sites are prominent between finger webs, flexurel surface of wrist, elbow, anterior axillary fold, belt line, inner surface of thigh, gluteal fold penis or scrotum. The lesion is excoriated & crusted and bacterial super infection may result from constant excoriation. The patient should wear clean clothing & sleep between freshly laundered bed linens and all bedding and clothing should be washed in very hot water or ironed. After treatment is completed ointments such as emollients like parfine or Vaseline should be applied to skin lesion, because scabicide may be irritating the skin. Itching may remain a troublesome problem for a few weeks due to the occurrence of hypersensitivity particularly in the atopic (allergic) person but it is not a sign of treatment failure.

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The lesion is excoriated & crusted and bacterial super infection may result from constant excoriation cheap mildronate 250mg. The patient should wear clean clothing & sleep between freshly laundered bed linens and all bedding and clothing should be washed in very hot water or ironed buy mildronate 250 mg without a prescription. After treatment is completed ointments such as emollients like parfine or Vaseline should be applied to skin lesion buy mildronate 500 mg visa, because scabicide may be irritating the skin purchase mildronate 250 mg with mastercard. Itching may remain a troublesome problem for a few weeks due to the occurrence of hypersensitivity particularly in the atopic (allergic) person but it is not a sign of treatment failure order 500mg mildronate visa. The disease is classified as: 1) Cutaneous leishmaniasis 2) Visceral leishmaniasis (Kala-azar disease) 3) Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis (espundia) Epidemiology The disease occurs in large areas of Asia, Latin America, and Africa. It is transmitted by bite of Sand fly and cause a variety of illness is from skin sores to involvement of different internal organs, and as a result it may lead to death. Cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis Cutaneous leishmaniasis Caused by protozoan which has three varieties a) Leishmania ethiopica 105 b) Leshmania brasiliensis c) Leshmania mexicana d) Leshmania aethiopica But mucocutaneous leishmaniasis is caused by leishmania viannia, agroup of organism called leishviabraziliensis found in central & South America. Lesions are small papules that develop in to non-ulcerated dry plaques or large encrusted ulcers with well-demarcated raised and indurate margin. Some times the lesion appears as single nodule but later on can be indurate and involve on nasal mucosa and skin and lead to destructions. For incomplete response and relapse case give 20 mg / kg for 40to 60 days, but electro- cardio -graphic monitoring is important during prolonged use, because the drug will cause cardiac problems 3. General nursing assessment for a patient with skin impairment ¾ Potential for pressure sore due to poor skin care ¾ Assess individual nutritional status, circulatory status, degree of mobility, whether able to self-care or not able to exercise, and mental alertness are assessed. Nursing intervention to maintain skin integrity or to treat skin impairment: ¾ Encourage cleanliness of the skin regularly ¾ Apply topical ointment when necessary ¾ Provide regular skin bathing ¾ Promote patient ambulation as early as possible if admitted patient ¾ Have a patient change position frequently ¾ Teach people to inspect their skin regularly ¾ Assess the risk factor for skin problems ¾ Maintain hygiene and cleanliness ¾ Prevent mechanical, physical and chemical injury to the skin ¾ Avoid any irritants to the skin ¾ Ensure adequate nutrition and hydration ¾ Educate or teach individuals, family and those who give skin care. Evaluation: After carrying out nursing activities under intervention, try to re-asses the condition of skin whether it is improved or not so that you can redesign your plan of treatment. Purpose and use of the Satellite Module The medical laboratory personnel should know his or her tasks and roles as a member of the health centre team, with a particular emphasis on laboratory investigation of skin infections. Directions for using this satellite module ™ Before reading this satellite module be sure that you have completed the pre-test and studied the core module. Learning Objectives After completion of this module the lab personnel will be able to: Describe how to collect, handle & label specimens from the skin Describe routine concepts of laboratory diagnosis of skin diseases Describe and demonstrate the laboratory procedures for M. The most common bacterial skin pathogens are staphylococcus aureus and group A-ß hemolytic streptococci. Clinical examination and staining and/or culturing of a specimen of pus or exudates are often adequate for bacterial diagnosis. Ultraviolet light (Wood’s lamp) is helpful in the diagnosis of erythrasma, and some fungal infections. For parasite skin infections a skin slit smear stained with Giemsa stain is used for the diagnosis of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. For viral infections, stained smears of vesicle fluid are examined under the microscope or typical cytopathology. Specimen collection and Examination of Bacteria: - Specimens are collected with a blade or by swabbing the involved areas of the skin using a sterile dry cotton wool. Material is collected from draining sinuses by holding a sterile test tube at the edge of the lesion & allowing the pus & granules to run in to tube. Granules are aggregates of inflammatory cells, debris, proteinatious material & delicate branching filaments. Mostly skin infection causing bacteria can be differentiated by their Gram reaction due to difference in their cell wall structure. Examine the specimen using culture Blood agar and MacConkey agar cultures are used for isolation of bacteria, which cause common skin diseases. Culture the specimen - Flame and sterilize wire loops before & after use - Flame the necks of specimen bottles, culture bottles, & tubes after removing & before replacing caps. Gram staining technique - Required reagents; o Crystal violet stain o Lugol’s iodine o Acetone – alcohol decolorizer o Neutral red – 1g/l (0. Note: when the smear is for the detection of Gonococci or Meningococci, it should be fixed with methanol for 2 minutes (this avoids damaging pus cells) 2. Rapidly wash off the stain with clean water Note: - when the tap water is not clean, use filtered water or clean boiled rainwater 4.

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