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About There are serious delays in motor development of 80% of children with CHARGE syndrome have colobo- children with CHARGE syndrome as well purchase 500mg metformin otc. Most children with CHARGE syndrome are examinations are recommended for children diagnosed classified as mentally retarded metformin 500mg with visa. Therefore metformin 500 mg overnight delivery, assessments made before Ear abnormalities and deafness other medical problems are addressed are often more pes- simistic than later exams cheap 500mg metformin with mastercard. At least 90% of patients with CHARGE syndrome have either external ear anomalies or hearing loss buy 500mg metformin visa. The Urogenital abnormalities most common external ear anomalies include low-set ears, asymmetric ears, or small or absent ear lobes. The Most obvious in males, underdevelopment of the degree of hearing loss varies from mild to severe. It is genitals occurs in at least half of the male patients diag- important for all patients to have regular hearing exams nosed with CHARGE syndrome and in some females as over time so that changes in sound perception can be well. Hearing aids are used as soon as hearing loss is underdeveloped penis (micropenis or microphallus) and detected. Some patients require corrective surgery of the testicles that fail to descend to the scrotum (cryp- outer ear, so that a hearing aid can be worn. In females, there may be overgrowth or CHARGE syndrome often develop ear infections and this underdevelopment of the labia or clitoris. About 25% of children have renal abnormalities that may lead Cranial nerve defects to repeated infections. Defects related to the formation of the cranial nerves during fetal development are common in patients with Central nervous system anomalies CHARGE syndrome. The defects include anosmia (inability to smell), facial palsy, hearing loss, and swal- In one series of tested patients, CNS anomalies were lowing difficulty. Facial palsy is the inability to sense or noted in 83% of the patients who underwent imaging control movement of part of the face. This usually occurs tests that produce pictures of the brain such as MRI, CT 224 GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS scan, and ultrasound, or after autopsy. The CNS anom- nosed with CHARGE were noted to have an abnormal alies included diminution of the size of the brain (cere- feature noted on ultrasound. In addition, brain stem dysfunction has also been TERL association (for vertebral, anal, cardiac, tracheoe- observed after birth, a disorder that can cause respiratory sophageal, renal and limb abnormalities, velocardiofacial and swallowing problems. These findings were associ- (VCF) syndrome (deletion 22q11 syndrome), and pre- ated with a poor prognosis. Associated anomalies Treatment and management Many other features have been reported in patients Treatment for CHARGE syndrome is specific to the with CHARGE syndrome. Choanal atresia can be lip and/or palate, dental anomalies, absence of the thy- treated with dilatations of the choanoa or nasal passages. Children with ciency (the inability of the body to produce a normal CHARGE syndrome should get ophthalmology and hear- immune response), seizures, abormally low levels of cal- ing screens every six months. Plastic surgery is some- cium (hypocalcaemia) or sugar (hypoglycemia) in the times needed for corrections of ear malformations or body, obstruction of the anal opening (imperforate anus), facial asymmetry. Medications are needed when seizures groin hernias, curvature of the spine (scoliosis), skeletal are present and growth hormone is sometimes taken for anomalies, body temperature regulation problems and growth delay or underdeveloped genitalia. Patients with CHARGE syn- Diagnosis drome who have both hearing and vision difficulty should receive care from childhood educators experi- Since there is currently no genetic test available for enced in dual sensory impairment. Once these children CHARGE syndrome, the diagnosis is based on clinical establish a system of mobility and communication, the features. There is disagreement about the conditions degree of developmental retardation may improve. Some suggest that one major mal- Lengthy hospital stays for children with CHARGE syn- formation plus four of the other features suggested by the drome may limit the ability of specialists to work with CHARGE acronym are sufficient. Once major hospitaliza- four major characteristics or three major characteristics tions are completed, development may improve as the plus three minor characteristics are sufficient for result of regular care by the appropriate child specialists. Other learning problems have been noted and should also The Charge Syndrome Foundation defines a specific be addressed if present. These include attention deficit set of birth defects and most common features to diag- disorder, autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. These major features include: Parents are often in the position of coordinating the many choanal atresia, coloboma, cranial nerve abnormalities components of special education for their children. The and conditions, such as swallowing problems (due to cra- national and international support groups for CHARGE nial nerve IX/X defects), facial palsy (due to cranial syndrome are able to provide information and assistance nerve VII defects), hearing loss (due to cranial nerve VIII in this area. Prognosis Other minor features have also been reported that are It has been noted in several studies that about half of either less common or less specific to CHARGE syn- patients diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome die from drome.

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However buy 500 mg metformin free shipping, these are mainly Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for generic purposes purchase metformin 500mg otc. There are no domain-specific development tools available today buy 500 mg metformin overnight delivery, which is to say that the idea of Application Frameworks for HC is not widespread purchase metformin 500 mg mastercard. In order not to reinvent the wheel (in terms of the HIS applications development and HC in general) cheap metformin 500 mg,the software industry can tremendously benefit from the work done so far in the area of the HC informatics standardization, in order to provide HC-specific Application Frameworks(to be used by RAD tools)that will make software development easier and more efficient. The main features of such an Application Framework for HIS should be: • The ability to design and build highly customizable and adaptive applications; • The inherent support of global healthcare standards, such as HL7, DICOM, and so on; and • The inherent support of open standards and interoperable protocols, such as XML and SOAP. In order to achieve the first goal, an approach like the one openEHR (Beale, 2002), is evangelizing might be very useful: “separation of knowledge and information levels in information systems”. Actually, we go a little further: data concepts, business rules and workflow, as well as user interfaces should not be hard- coded in the applications produced. Key consequence of such a practice is that software and data depend only on small, non-volatile models. Applications can thus be developed and deployed quickly, even without waiting for the knowledge concepts to be thoroughly defined. This methodology also, allows new or modified domain concepts, changes in operational workflows (e. Copying or distributing in print or electronic forms without written permission of Idea Group Inc. In reality, that means that the developer will be exhausted by SOAP technicalities missing the business process details. Applica- tions can extend and specialize extension points—-called “hot spots” as mentioned by Markiewicz and Lucena (2001)—provided by the framework, according to their special needs (Johnson, 1997). The modularity, reusability, extensibility and inversion of control that a framework offers can encapsulate an amount of complexity that framework clients (applications) can reuse (Fayad & Schmidt, 1997). In such a scenario as Fayad and Hamu explains (2000), applications are built on top of frameworks, which provide an extensive library of business objects supporting the intended application domain and use its services. The use of frameworks can reduce the overall cost of creation and maintenance of a health-related application. This cost is enormous because of the special requirements of HC, namely increased security, interoperability, extensibility, portability, and the ability to evolve. The development of a framework is generally more expensive than a single application but can payoff through the repeated generation of applications within the proposed domain as Markiewicz and Lucena say (2001). That means that at the end, we will have a repository of business objects definitions or at least, a formal description of concepts. In case this “formal description of concepts” originates from the middleware of common services (possible as a common service itself), it can even result in consistently merging the ontologies used. Although using reference models for realizing the middleware of common services layer is a common place that is not the case when it comes to the applications located in the applications layer. An application framework providing a clear description of the underlying data structures as well as built-in validity and consistency rules for data verification can also help reduce data entry errors and minimize the excessive cost of cleaning medical databases for knowledge discovery purposes. Krzystof (2001) claims that data preparation for any Copyright © 2005, Idea Group Inc. Copying or distributing in print or electronic forms without written permission of Idea Group Inc. This situation is even more challenging for medical databases that are characterized by incomplete, imprecise and inconsistent data, as data collection is usually a by-product of the primary patient care activities. Decision support systems are powerful tools for improving medical decision making and preventing medical errors. It is reported that medical errors are a leading cause of death, while the majority of adverse events that contribute to patient morbidity or mortality are prevent- able. Decision support systems can help reduce medical errors by questioning the actions of healthcare professionals, offering advice and examining a range of possibili- ties that humans cannot possibly remember (Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson, 1999). The accuracy of developed decision support systems depends heavily on the precision and correctness of the available data and the sufficient modelling of the underlying domain concepts. While the technical advantages of application frameworks are sufficiently covered by literature, their business perspective is largely neglected. It is reported that the adaptive nature of application frameworks enables flexible response to new and rapidly changing market opportunities, making a framework a strategic tool for attacking vertical markets (Codenie, De Hondt, Steyaert, & Vercammen, 1997).

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Carrier testing of individuals without a family history Carrier testing of Canavan disease is only recommended for people of DNA testing is the only means of identifying carri- Ashkenazi Jewish background since they have a higher risk ers of Canavan disease purchase 500 mg metformin fast delivery. As of 1998 discount metformin 500 mg on line, both the American College of be first performed on the affected family member generic metformin 500 mg line. If a Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College change in the ASPA gene is detected 500 mg metformin with amex, then carrier testing of Medical Genetics recommend that DNA testing for can be performed in relatives such as siblings cheap metformin 500 mg with mastercard, with an Canavan disease be offered to all Ashkenazi Jewish cou- accuracy of greater than 99%. If the affected relative does ples who are planning children or who are currently preg- not possess a detectable ASPA gene change, then carrier nant. If only one member of the couple is of Ashkenazi testing will be inaccurate and should not be performed. If Jewish background than testing of the Jewish partner DNA testing of the affected relative cannot be performed, should be performed first. If the Jewish partner is a carrier, carrier testing of family members can still be performed than testing of the non-Jewish partner is recommended. GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS 187 Prenatal Testing Resources Prenatal testing through chorionic villus sampling BOOKS (CVS) and amniocentesis is available to parents who are Scriver, C. PERIODICALS Some parents are known to be carriers for Canavan dis- ACOG committee opinion. Matalon, Reuben, Kimberlee Michals-Matalon, and Rajinder Seizures and irritability can often be controlled through Kaul. Feeding tubes are either inserted ORGANIZATIONS through the nose (nasogastric tube) or through a perma- Canavan Foundation. Fairwood Professional Build- benefit from special education programs and physical ing, New Fairwood, CT 06812. Most people with Canavan disease live into their teens Matalon, Reuben and Kimberlee Michals-Matalon. It is, therefore, impossible to predict the lifespan of a particular individual with Canavan disease. Lisa Maria Andres, MS, CGC 188 GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS Canavan-VanBogaert-Bertrand disease see mutation in the DNA are called carcinogens. For example, certain hor- Canavan disease mones have been shown to have an effect on the growth or control of a particular cell line. Hormones are sub- stances made by one organ and passed through the blood- stream to affect the function of other cells in another organ. ICancer While there is scientific evidence that both environ- Definition mental and genetic factors play a role in most cancers, Cancer is not just one disease, but a large group of only 5-10% of all cancers are classified as hereditary. This results in a greater risk these cells to spread to distant sites (metastasis). However, if someone has a cancer-related gene, it does not mean they will automatically get cancer. Rather, this person is thought to be “predisposed” to a type of cancer, Description or more likely to get this cancer when compared to the Cancer, by definition, is a disease of the genes. Various cancers are known to have a Genes are formed from deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) hereditary component in some cases. They carry the hereditary breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, skin can- instructions for the cell to make the proteins required for cer and prostate cancer. Proteins are special chemical com- Aside from genes, certain physiological traits that pounds that mostly contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, are inherited can contribute to cancers as well. They are required by our bodies to carry out ple, fair skin makes a person more likely to develop skin all the processes that allow us to breathe, think, move, cancer, but only if they also have prolonged exposure to etc. Many the most common types include: genes produce proteins that are involved in controlling the processes of cell growth and division. About 80% of Abnormal cells can start dividing uncontrollably, eventu- human cancers fall into this category. Carcinomas can ally forming a new growth known as a “tumor” or “neo- be subdivided into two subtypes: adenocarcinomas and plasm” (medical term for cancer meaning “new growth”). Adenocarcinomas are can- In a healthy individual, the immune system can recognize cers that develop in an organ or a gland, while squa- the neoplastic cells and destroy them before they get a mous cell carcinomas refer to cancers that originate in chance to divide. A • Sarcomas These are cancers of the supporting tissues of benign tumor is slow growing and does not spread or the body, such as bone, muscle, cartilage, and fat. Once the tumor is removed, it • Leukemias Cancers of the blood or blood-forming usually will not start growing again. Malignant tumors can be network of vessels and nodes that acts as a filter in the removed, but if the cancer cells have spread too much, body. It distributes nutrients to blood and tissue and pre- the cancer becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to vents bacteria and other foreign substances from enter- treat.

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