Our projects directly address the threats of deforestation and environmental degradation, while improving the quality of life of the Amazon natives and ensuring that they have real alternatives for sustainable economic development.

To this end, we contributed to build schools (both traditional and IT schools), artesian wells, vegetable gardens and an health post. We supported the installation of solar energy and internet connection and provided boats for the transport of local products. We provided educational and training courses and, thanks to this, local people are now trained as environmental guides, health agents, microscope technicians (for diagnosis of malaria), a nurse, and in agriculture.
We offered new opportunities for income generation of men and women, through local crafts, marketing of non timber forest products and scientific research.
Above all, we developed a Community-Owned Ecotourism based in the Xixuau Community, by building the wooden bungalows to host the ecotourists, training the local staff and providing two boats for the transport of the visitors from Manaus to Xixuau. Today the Ecotourism at Xixuau is run by the local cooperative CoopXixuau.
These opportunities have also drawn in people from the neighbouring areas, reversing the prevailing trend of migration to city slums.

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