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Since 2004 the association Amazônia Milano Onlus supports the native people of the Jauaperi region, at the border between the Brazilian states of Roraima and Amazonas developing projects to halt deforestation, to protect the rainforest and face the increasing trend of emigration towards urban centres because of the lack of opportunities in the Amazon region.

Amazônia Onlus contributed to the establhisment of the 600,000 hectares protected area called Jauperi RESEX. Currently about 1.000 natives live in the area, working together in order to improve their life quality and defend the local traditional culture.

The operational base of Amazonia Onlus is the Xixuaú Community, located along the Jauaperi River. There, the association started its work and nowadays sets its staff and coordinates its projects. The now established presence on the field allows a great control over the use of the funds, as well as a close relationship and cooperation with the native population.

To help the natives and provide new, sustainable income opportunities, the association contributed to build schools and an IT centre, artesian wells, community gardens and a medical clinic. Through the support of its benefactors, it has installed solar energy and filters to purify the water. Training has included in agriculture, for environmental monitoring agents, for microscope technicians (to diagnose malaria) and nursing. 

Since 2008, Amazonia Onlus works in close partnership with the Trento Autonomous Province to develop the Xixuau Community-based Ecotourism Project, to preserve the environment and ensure an income to the native inhabitants. The project has built wooden bungalows to host tourists from all over the world and has donated two boats for the transportation of the visitors and for the medical emergencies of the population. See the Ecotourism site for more information www.amazontrip.info 

In 2009, the project founded the Xixuaú Cooperative (CoopXixuaú). New economic opportunities such as community ecotourism, travels for photographers and documentarians and commercialization of forest products have been delevoped through the Cooperative.

The actions promoted by the Amazonia Onlus association aim to eradicate the poverty, reduce the inequalities, promote the sustainable development, defend human rights, dignity, gender equality, democracy and prevent the conflicts.

These activities promote the social change through the active participation of the North and South world populations.

In Europe, the organization carries out several environmental education and awareness-raising projects, as well as social and environmental campaigns and fundraising events.

Edited by Emanuela Evangelista

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