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12 Nov 2018 - School in the forest
Diversity of forests, diversity of schools and lifestyles: in this way the children of Xixuaù and the children of an Italian school grow together in respect for the environment.
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15 Jun 2018 - A new protected forest in the Brazilian Amazon
More than half the size of Jamaica, the new Reserve around Xixuaú integrates an important corridor of conservation units and is a key area to tackle climate change.
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20 Jun 2017 - French tour operator supporting the Ecotourism Project
The Xixuau Ecotourism on Voyageons-Autrement.
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7 May 2017 - Amazon illustrations exhibition
The drawings of the native kids presented at the PInac Foundation.
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13 Mar 2017 - Medical supplies for the Jauaperi
The Italian charity Misericordia di Viterbo donates medical supplies to the Amazon natives.
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27 Feb 2017 - Maryba Project: environmental education
Nature, climate and forests: classes for children and teenagers living in Trentino!
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2 Feb 2017 - (Drinking) Water to the rainforest!
Two new water filters donated to the community to provide safe drinking water
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15 Nov 2016 - The Xixuau at the 2016 Agenda Brazil
Also this year, Amazonia Onlus will be one of the charity projets promoted by the famous Brazilian cinema, music and culture festival.
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3 Oct 2016 - A coffee for the Amazon!
New fundraising campaign sponsored by the actor Luca Argentero and his no profit organization 1 Caffè
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2 Feb 2016 - New educational courses for the native kids
Supporting the Xixuau children with recreational and educational activities
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30 Oct 2015 - Xixuaú at EXPO 2015!
The Xixuau Project presented at EXPO Milan
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7 May 2015 - Medicines for Xixuau
More than 2.000 medicines provided to the Xixuau village
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10 Mar 2015 - Education and training in Xixuau
Courses and lessons for kids and adults of the village
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5 Feb 2015 - Cooperativism at Xixuau
The Xixuau and the Fundação Vitoria Amazonica for the new Cooperativism course
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4 Feb 2015 - Scientific Research
Monitoring of giant otters and river dolphins
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2 Feb 2015 - Xixuau´s new outboard
Improvment in the Ecotourism with the new speedy boat
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9 Jul 2014 - The natives of Xixuaú in Italy
The fantastic trip to Italy of two Xixuau leaders
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1 Feb 2013 - The Amazon goes to Africa
The inhabitants of Xixuaú go to Tanzania for the first time, thanks to the Project GETTING REDDY by Amazonia Onlus, Trentino Insieme and the Trento Province.
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8 Jul 2012 - A visit from Africa
A delegation from Tanzania came to Xixuaú, with the project Getting REDDy, by Amazonia Onlus in partnership with Trentino Insieme and funded by the Government of Trento.
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7 Feb 2011 - New Malocas
Inaugurated the new Ecotourism complex at Xixuaú!
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